Program Overview

We help develop sales channels and distribution for emerging brands and low-cost alternative for established brands to the market.

-  Combined brand and sales management at fraction of the cost as internal staffing

-  Experts in retail, wholesale distribution buying and selling techniques

-  Access to both large and small tier DSD, Brokers, independent and chain and retail outlets.

-  Focus on sales and distribution partners.

-  We will customize wholesale and retailer’s sales presentation and follow up and low-cost sales and fulfillment solutions. 

-  Purchase order support, sales pipeline, coverage map, and buyer call solutions 

Program Overview

¨ Go To Market Strategy & Execution Plan

After implementation of our contract, we will create a full action plan. We will accelerate sales, carving out coverage gaps and create a plan obtaining meetings and deals through the brokers and accounts we target.

¨Key Account Buyer & Outside Product Sales

We will manage a sales campaign using our internal team and relationships covering regional and national accounts thorughout the United States.

¨Targeted Marketing Campaigns

We setup and complete targeted campaigns to our network of distributors and retailers to generate product interest and opportunities.

¨Coaching & Consulting with Retail Expert

Our retail experts will prvide one on one consulting calls each month to ensure updates are completed and the go to market strategy is in place and being excuted.

¨Comparative Pricing Analysis

We will provide pricing and program evaluations and give detailed analysis based on years of experience and current market trends. We will give advice with respect to the success projection based on extensive market data.

¨Distribution Strategy

Our team will develop the most effective way to bring your product to market. We will select from our extensive relationships with Direct store Distributors, Grocery Supply Houses, Specialty Distributors, Corporate Warehouses and Distribtion centers.

¨We have a long history of business partenships with many leading retail decision makers